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Varastopark offers secure self-storages in Porvoo for various needs of households and companies. Our self-storages are accepted by insurance companies and the self-storages are camera monitored and have access control 24/7.

When you have become our client, you have access to your self-storage daily from 6 to 23 with the help of your mobile phone. Only tenants have a right to visit the self-storage. You can use a
padlock to lock your self-storage. Our premises are light and warm throughout the year.

You can rent self-storages either so far or for a limited time.

How to rent?

Call 040 137 4488 (If no one answers, the call will be connected further after a while, so
please wait.)

The rental takes place mainly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we serve you according to agreement.

Take you ID (driver’s licence, passport or ID card with picture) with you. When you sign the rental agreement, you need to pay the rent for the first month and a guarantee sum which is as big as monthly rate. You can pay either with debit or credit card.

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Rent € (1 month)

1m2 = 29,00€ (For instance, 1,2mx1,2m)

1,5m2 = 45€ (For instance, 1x1,5m)

2m2 = 59€ (For instance, 1,5x1,3m)

2,5m2 = 79€ (For instance, 2x1,25m)

3m2 = 89€ (For instance, 2x1,5m)

3,5m2 = 105€ (For instance, 2x1,75m)

4m2 = 119€ (For instance, 2x2m2)

4,5m2 = 130€ (For instance, 2x2,25m)

5m2 = 145,00€ (For instance 2x2,5m)

6m2 = 170,00€ (For instance 2x3m2)

7m2 = 182€ (For instance, 2x3,5m)

7,5m2 = 190€ (For instance, 2x3,75m)

Bigger spaces: Call 040 137 4488 and ask! Height about 2m -2,4m

If the rental is long term, prices can be negotiated


General rental conditions

1. The conditions of the self-storage and the stored articles

The self-storage will be rented in the condition it is at the moment of rental. Only dry things are allowed in the self-storage. The biggest allowed weight of the stored articles is 500 kg/m2 and max. 200 kg/m2 in the first floor.

Substances that cause danger and harm for the environment or health are not allowed in Varastopark. It is also forbidden to store explosive, self-igniting materials or liquids. Unauthorized stay in the self-storage is also forbidden. Lessor has the right to remove and destroy
things that have been left outside the self-storage. The public spaces can be used only for passage. It is forbidden to smoke or to have the motor of a car going idle. The tenant is also responsible for taking away waste.

2. Heating, lights, and insurances.

Heating and lights are included in the rent. If there is a need of extra electricity, it has to agreed separately. The lessor has not insured the things that are stored and is not responsible for any harm or loss. The tenant alone is responsible for insuring his/her property and lock his/her
self-storage. The lessor has the right to lock a self-storage that is not locked. The tenant is recommended to use a padlock to lock the self-storage.

3. Changes in the self-storage

The tenant shall not change the self-storage in any way and the self-storage shall be returned in the same condition as it was at the point of rental contract. It is not allowed to put anything on the walls of the self-storage and it is not allowed to break it. The shelfs shall stand on the floor. The representative of the lessor (a service person) has the right to go in to the self-storage when doing necessary actions to take good care of the self-storage

4.1 A time-limited contract

A time-limited contract shall be ended without termination when the tenant has emptied and cleaned the self-storage and taken away his/her padlock from the door latest at the final day of contract. Otherwise, the validity of the contract will be so far, which is described in the paragraph

4.2. Rental contract so far

If the rental agreement is not denounced, it will continue always one month at time. Both parties can denounce the contract. The rental contract is ended if the tenant has left the self-storage like described in 4.1. In that case the guarantee will cover the rent for the last month.

5.To pay the rent and not pay it

The first monthly rent and the guarantee rent that is as big as the monthly rent are paid when the rental contract is conducted. After that the rent will be paid once a month to the bank account given from the lessor.

If the rent is not paid according to agreement can the lessor charge a notice of payment per notice and a valid late interest plus a collection fee for the collected rents. If the rent will not be paid after collection (and there are debts that are as big as or bigger than the guarantee rent) has the lessor following rights:

The lock the space can be replaced with another lock of the lessor. If there are thing in the rented space in question, the lessor becomes the owner of the contents. The tenant accepts that his/her things can be sold to cover the costs. The lessor has the right to use the price of the sold goods to cover the rental debts and sales costs.

6. The transfer the contract and valid contact infromation

The tenant has not any right whatsoever to transfer the rental agreement to a third party without the acceptance of the lessors. The lessor can transfer or pledge the agreement to a third party. The tenant is obliged to inform his/her valid contact information to lessor if they are changed. The tenant can call always to the customer service number 020 719 1300 or write to the e-mail address info@varastopark. It is also possible to send a paper letter to the mail address Varastopark, Itätuulentie 9, FI-06150 Porvoo.

The tenant has no right to demand any damage because the letter of dismissal or realization has not reached the tenant because he/she has not informed the address to Varastopark. If the movables of the tenant are realized, the tenant has not right to demand the damage of the lessor.

7. The rent raise

The lessor has the right to raise the rent during the contract period if the change will be communicated to the tenant at least one month before the raise of the rent.

8. Breach of contract and other things

The lessor is not responsible for direct or indirect
damage or delay according to the principle force majeure. Otherwise, the valid
laws concerning the rental of retail spaces is followed. If the tenant breaks
against the points 1 – 8, the lessor has the right to terminate the rental
contract immediately, remove dangerous goods and materials at the expense of
the tenant in the best possible way and receive compensation for the direct or
indirect damages that the breach of contracts has caused.

9. Handling of person infromation

Varastopark implements the
general European data procession regulation that is valid from May 25, 2018
better known as GDPR.

Contact person

If you stay abroad for a longer time, please choose a domestic contact person, who can
be responsible for storing your property. Please update your contact information to Varastopark, e-mail


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